The Romance of Ballooning: The Story of the Early Aeronauts
Ancient History
California Crazy and Beyond: Roadside Vernacular Architecture
A New and Accurate Map of the North Pole with all the Countries hitherto Discovered Situated near or adjacent to it as well as some others more Remote. - Drawn from the latest and best Authorities and Regulated by Astronomical Observations by Eman. Bowen
Art nouveau and art deco bookbinding: The French masterpieces 1880-1940.
Nigger Heaven
Books About Books
A Forgotten City
Through the Green Valley
The Benko Gambit (Signed/Inscribed by Bobby Fischer)
The Dickie-Birdie Book
The Dickie-Birdie Book
Astley's Wonderful Troop  - Advertisement
Cooking with Giovanni Caboto
American Cultural Rebels: Avant-garde and Bohemian Artists, Writers and Musicians from the 1850s Through the 1960s
Deep Roots: A History of Grosse Ile, Michigan, to July 6, 1876
Less Than Zero
The Battelle Memorial Institute Report of Economic Development Opportunities for Greater Windsor-Canada's 10th Largest Community
Windsor Before and After
The Great Lakes: The Natural History of a Changing Region
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The Olney Hymns in three Books
Hardcover edition of A Child's Garden of Verses
The bibelot (21 Volumes. Complete)
A Forgotten City
Edwin's Magic: The Memoirs and Mysteries of Edwin the Magician  Volume One
Invasion of the Elvis Zombies
Lives of the Hunted, Containing a True Account of the Doings of Five Quadrupeds & Three Birds, and, in the Elucidation of the same, Over 200 Drawings.
A Fable of Love and War